Composition Shingle

What Are Composition Shingles?

Composition asphalt shingles are the most widely used roofing system for steep-sloped roofs (roofs that are not flat), mainly because of cost, ease of installation, and a large variety of color options and styles. The most common style is the traditional three-tab asphalt shingle which has a flat two-dimensional appearance. Architectural shingles have a three-dimensional look and can come in styles that resemble wood shake, tile, or other types of roof.


  •   Relatively cheap to install
  •   Available in a wide variety of colors and styles
  •   Impact-resistant shingles are available

When Should I Consider Composition Shingles?

Composition shingles are a good solution where the architectural appeal and low cost are important factors.

The Installation Process

Composition shingles are roughly three feet in length and fastened with nails in an overlapping pattern.


Manufacturer’s material warranties are typically fifty years. Non-prorated workmanship warranties, backed by the manufacturer, are available for twenty years.