Roof Cleaning

To maximize the life and efficiency of your roofing system, we recommend at least an annual cleaning. Roof cleanings can be an essential component of regular preventative maintenance.

Improves Performance

A clean roof is an energy-efficient roof with increased longevity. A clean roof will maintain a lower surface temperature which prolongs the life of the roof, increases reflexivity, and helps to reduce energy consumption. A white roof reflects heat more effectively which reduces the need for cooling. By lowering the roof temperature, HVAC systems can draw in cooler air which in turn requires less energy to achieve a level of interior comfort.

Eliminates Moisture

Keeping your roof clean and free from debris, fallen leaves and other materials that may hold water will prevent your flat roof from ponding, blistering, or splitting.

Exposes Roof Damage

A clean roof makes it easier to identify potential problem areas and small, almost invisible punctures or hail damage that might otherwise be missed. Find areas that need minor repairs before they become bigger, more expensive problems.

Gets Easier Every Time

Do not let your roof get to the point where years of pollution, dirt, grime, mold, and algae have accumulated. Having your roof professionally cleaned and sealed makes it harder for filth to accumulate and easier to clean in the future.

A Clean Roof Looks Great

A great looking roof makes a great first impression and shows your customers that you care about your business as much as you care about them.

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