Skylight and Hatches

Whether your goal is to provide improved natural lighting for your building, maintain or repair existing skylights and hatches, add OSHA-required fall protection, or provide convenient and safe access to your roof via a roof hatch and ladder, Titan Contractors is your one-stop solution for integrating these options with your roof system.

New skylights

If you are considering adding new skylights as a source of lighting to your building, let Titan Contractors and its experts walk you thru the selection process and handle the complete installation process from cutting an opening in the roof deck, installing the skylight, and flashing the skylight into the existing roof system. We can help you make the decision between curb-mounted vs. self-flashing units, vented vs. non-vented, fiberglass vs acrylic, and burglar bars or fall protection.

Replacement skylights

Skylights have a lifespan that is generally shorter than the lifespan of the roofing system. Titan can assist you with repairs and resealing that will extend the lifespan of your skylights, or when the time install replacement skylights and ensure they are properly integrated into your existing roof system.

Fall protection cages

OSHA requires fall protection for any skylight higher than six feet above the ground. Whether the solution is to install fall-protection cages that will withstand a load of 200 pounds, or installing fixed railing around every skylight, Titan Contractors can help you make the right selection and properly integrate the fall protection system with your roof system.

Skylight removal

With the advent of LED technology, many companies are moving away from skylights as an inexpensive natural light and implementing improved LED lighting throughout their facility. In these cases where skylight removal is deemed the safest option, Titan can remove the existing skylights, re-deck the opening, and match the existing roof system.

Heat, smoke, and explosion hatches

Designed for restricting fire spread, extracting heat and smoke, protecting building contents, and providing access for firefighters, Titan can help you choose, install, replace, repair or remove these hatches for the solution that works best for your situation.

Roof hatches

Roof hatches provide convenient, economical, and safe access to the roof of your building. Titan Contractors can install a new roof hatch, provide OSHA required safety railing, and wall-mounted access ladders with or without safety cages.