Autozone Distribution Center

Roof System
A re-roof installed 3.5” of PolyISO, 0.5” of PolyISO coverboard, and 60 mil TPO.
600,000 square foot distribution center in Terrell, Texas.
The Problem

The roof at Autozone was only eleven years old but leaked from the day of installation. Contractors sent out by the manufacturer to handle warranty issues made the problem worse by using incompatible products to repair the roof. Two different consulting companies were brought in and both deemed the roof “beyond repair”. Things got so bad that staff meetings were sometimes held wearing yellow mackintoshes and holding umbrellas to keep dry.

The Solution

Titan did an initial assessment of the roof and then drove to AutoZone’s Memphis headquarters to personally meet with the facilities manager, educate him on commercial roofs in general, present several options, and discuss AutoZone’s unique challenges.

Autozone could not officially sign a contract until their fiscal year began in the middle of August, but they wanted to begin the project almost immediately. By communicating closely with Autozone, despite the lead time required for such a large commercial project, Titan Contractors was able to start the project seven days after the contract was signed.

Our initial assessment suggested that all the ISO would need to be replaced, rather than just those areas highlighted in an aerial scan. While the contract specified only some of the ISO be replaced, a contingency clause allowed Titan to smoothly transition to replacing 100% of the ISO when tear-off confirmed our suspicions.

Using a crew of up to twenty people, in less than three months Titan removed the existing roof system, installed the new system, flashed in the over 100 skylights and smoke hatches on the roof, and additionally rerouted several gutter systems to improve the flow of water off the roof.


The disposal of over 600 sheets of ISO removed from the roof daily presented a unique challenge. Eventually, Titan contracted with a trucking company that picked up two eighteen-wheeler truckloads of used ISO pallets each day and delivered them across the country where they were environmentally reused.


Three months later, Autozone had a new TPO roof backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s NDL warranty. As part of a maintenance contract, Titan inspects the roof on an annual basis and responds quickly when small problems arise or integration with other vendors is needed. Our relationship has continued with another significant project to help Autozone redistribute the large volumes of water coming off the roof surface.