The Superbowl is history but there are practical lessons that can be learned from the Kansas City  Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers about what it takes to make it to the championship level. 

Assemble the Right Team 

Superbowl champions know the importance of assembling the right team. Two years ago, Bruce  Arians, the coach of the winning Bucs, was hired by the owner to revitalize the team. Tom Brady, Rob  Gronkowski, Leonard Fournette, and Antonio Brown were all established veterans, but new to the Bucs this year, and all of them played a critical role in their victory. The owner knew the importance of assembling a team of experienced players who excelled at their positions and could provide maturity and a winning attitude. 

In the same way, a Superbowl Property Manager, knows the importance of assembling a team of  dedicated, experienced, and skilled professionals to handle everything from roofs to mechanical systems.  

Game Plan 

Both teams had extensive game plans prepared before they ever set foot on the field. Andy Reid,  the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs has the first fifteen plays scripted. His goal is to set the tone of the  game, learn how the defense will react, and to setup the opposing defense for a bigger play down the  road. 

A Superbowl Property Manager also has a game plan. Rather than react to circumstances, they anticipate and plan for future needs and potential problems. For example, did you know that companies with a preventative maintenance program for their roofs will typically spend 3% of their annual maintenance budget on repairs, while a company that reacts to problems will spend 20%-50% of their annual budget fixing unexpected problems? 

Practice and Preparation 

Both teams understand the importance of practice to build that bond between a quarterback and a wide receiver, to work on that trick play that may turn the tide of the game, or the importance of watching long hours of game film to understand how the opposition will react in every situation. 

As a Superbowl Property Manager, you too know the importance of practice and preparation.  When the HVAC stops working in the middle of the night, you have that trusted technician who will respond promptly. When the roof starts leaking in a heavy rainstorm, you have an experienced roofer who is already familiar with the roof and understands the most likely source of the problem. 

Adapt to Circumstances 

Championship teams adapt to changing circumstances. You can often tell which team is best  coached by the changes to the game plan that are made during halftime. The offense spots a weakness  in the defense that they will exploit in the second half; the defensive coordinator decides to blitz more to  give that elusive quarterback less time to find an open receiver. 

A Superbowl Property Manager is always looking to improve their team and their results What worked five years ago may not work today. The company you have used for fifteen years may have become complacent and is not providing you with the best options available today.

The Bottom Line 

A Superbowl Property Manager may not have the glory and fame of a Tom Brady or Patrick  Mahomes, but by assembling the best team, having a game plan, preparing for the worst, and adapting to  changing circumstances, they will always be stars in the eyes of their customers.

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